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Splitting space to make space

Collage Architecture Studio fulfills the aspirations of a family in Bengaluru with an unmistakably open and engaging home in a tight plot of 1200 sq. ft. in the heart of an urban locale…

It is extremely rewarding, when a professional transforms a piece of land into a home tailored to your needs; and especially so, when he does so against a lot of odds. On a site spanning 30 x 40 ft., flanked by buildings on three sides, the main challenge was to open up the site to natural light and ventilation and make it homely and engaging, given the fact that there was absolutely nothing Women’s Parajumpers Kodiak to Parajumpers Mens Maine Eco aspire for on the outside.

So we see the principal architects – Advaitha Suvarna and Swapnil Valvatkar – working on a split-level programmatic,
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where spaces remain visually connected, yet individualistic and functionally multi-defined to suit a plethora of activities, easily transitioned from private to public. The client’s requirement for three car parks aided their design,
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leveraging the living areas to a higher floor, and gaining much in terms of volume.

The 2000 sq. ft. of built-up area comfortably accommodates the requisite three car parks, four bedrooms with attached toilets, living and dining areas, and kitchen and office space without any semblance of constraints in space. Revolving around the key features of modern, minimal and compact, the design ideology focuses on maximizing the living experience via a large, Men’s Parajumpers Kodiak Parajumpers Jackets Where To Buy open, central courtyard, internal balconies, double-height spaces and skylights, encouraging interaction and visual connectivity at multiple points. With walls treated more in a parallel format than perpendicular, the spaces seem to flow into one another, uninterrupted, appearing much larger than their actual spread.

Working with a minimal palette of white and umber,
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the home comes alive through pockets of narratives that almost beckon you to look beyond the visible and find them. Like the natural plant incorporated into the living area, has its planter base designed as a part of the steps, making for engaging additional seating. Or the simple act of minimalist expressions on the cushion covers in the small open-to-skylight patio-like sit-out opening out from the bedroom. Or even the way the skylights cast their halos on the steps Parajumpers Womens Light Long Bear during sunny afternoons, giving rise to intriguing chiaroscuro elements. This avers to the attention to detail that goes into making the home inward-looking.

Click here to view the images of the residence on indiaartndesign

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Eye Pieces-Plano Selected As Exclusive Chrome Hearts Eyewear Retailer

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Plano TX, 29-OCTOBER-2013 – Eye Pieces – Plano and Parajumpers Womens Fleece Dr. Robert Birenbaum are pleased to announce Parajumpers Men Windbreaker Desert that they have been granted exclusive rights to market the luxury eye wear sold by Chrome Hearts. The brand was launched by Richard Stark, motorcycle fan,
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in 1988. In addition to the upscale eye wear,
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the brand extends to jewelry, clothing, and furniture. The signature mark is Gothic and punk rock.

According to Dr. Birenbaum, speaking about Chrome Hearts, “The niche product from this Hollywood USA company has been growing in popularity since its 1988 founding. The firm specializes in silver, yellow gold and white gold jewelry, leather, cashmere clothing and ebony wood furniture with Gothic and punk rock motifs. Its jewelry items feature fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs. They offer sunglasses and clothing with their signature designs.”

He continues, “Floral crosses and Parajumpers Mens Linus similar emblems also adorn the eye wear that we offer to our clients in Plano. The acutely detailed tooling required to produce each piece, in addition to the use of luxurious and rare materials,
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makes the Chrome Hearts collection one of the most exclusive eye wear collections ever created. Each unique eye wear piece can take several months to fabricate by hand to the end result. Chrome Hearts are a celebrity favorite with fans including Marc Anthony, Cher, Uma Thurman, Eva Longoria, Eddie Murphy, and Paris Hilton. Eye Pieces is an authorized Chrome Hearts dealer. We stock a large inventory of both eyewear and sunwear.”

Dr. Birenbaum assures patients that the eye wear products that are selected are chic, exclusive, unique and trendy. Patients are encouraged to visit the boutique for eye wear and make eye wear personal. The firm Parajumpers Womenkodiak will provide eye exams or evaluations for contact lens. It also is available to fill prescriptions from other doctors.

Learn more about the exclusive selection of the Plano eyewear firm as the retailer for Chrome Hearts eye wear by going to the web pages online at /eyewear/ today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Birenbaum at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Robert Birenbaum Company name: Eye Pieces – Plano Address: 7200 Bishop Road, D-14 Plano, Texas 75024 Contact Phone Number: (972) 661-2853 Email: shopsatlegacy@eyepieces Website: /eyewear/

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Newborn bath tub: just why and Which one to be bought?
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The parents are expecting a child in the household, then they could be trying to find everything that must keep carefully the infant comfortable and sanitary. This can be where is a such parents to purchase baby bath-tub for baths the baby along side equipment that’s required. While looking Arajumpers Sale to locating one,
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the parents are to keep in mind safety and ease at heart. Though one may get low-cost simply by investing in a bucket in place of a child tub, however it will certainly glance very awkward and never totally secure. Each parent wish to include their infant provided with all-the luxuries that their pocket might manage, so your one that is minor can have plenty of exciting during tub and adore every time of it,
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as opposed to moving and bumping against challenging tips. In this manner, the caregiver likewise wouldn’t must experience concerns as a result of backpain while offering a bath in the newborn bath tub to the baby. Purchasing the proper one You’ll find several types of newborn tub obtainable in the marketplace. Thus, it would not be unwise for that parents understand the details to go through each one of Women’s Parajumpers Vest these regarding how it would flawlessly healthy the requirements and conveniences of the newborn and Parajumpers Womens Nicole also the caregiver along with the finances and examine. What type of bathtub is to be ordered for the baby? Parents are advised to purchase a bath-tub that is not exceptionally hard, light, while installing correctly in to the sink,
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thereby not necessitating the caregiver. This way, employ both of your hands for swimming the infant, in the place of wanting to support and stability himselfANDhimself while folding around regarding supplying the small one a bath and the caregiver can concentrate completely around the baby. If they were the mother though searching for the baby bath, it is necessary for parents to ask issues themselves like what they would like to bathe in, whenever they were some delicate kid and what they would use for showering the infant. Approaching those two queries can help to discover and select the one Parajumpers Military that is correct. Where to buy? The world wide web has become one of the places that are greatest to shop for infant bathtubs. Associated with that one can very quickly discover websites that are several selling these products at prices that are affordable. They enable something to be chosen by the person based on tastes their likings and finances. Furthermore, the item that is bought is also door delivered by them and cost is very straightforward.


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What Do You Need To Know Before Picking On Demand Printing Option?

Several authors prefer not to take a hard road of traditional publishing, and they choose to walk on the easier and comparatively less Parajumpers Womens Long Bear Eco expensive road of Print on Demand Publishing. If you are also planning to walk on the same road of on demand printing & publishing, then you must look at certain important points before that. Scroll below to read them:

Make an inspection of POD website: You would have to choose a print on demand website to get your POD assignment done. So, when you choose that site, do go through about certain important aspects. So check about how many other books are listed on it. This would help you in deciding whether that site is a good decision for you or not. You must ensure that the website that you choose has a solid track record, because in case if it falls, then your book would also go out of the league.

Post a reason for about 100 words on ‘why people should buy your books?
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’ Due to the competition in every Parajumpers Kodiak Women industry,
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it gets important to tell people why they should prefer you. Similarly, you have to give reasons to the readers for why they should buy your books, in order to compel them. You have to be simple in your talks as this would act as a marketing tool and would call only the prime prospects.

Go through the quality of the work by POD company POD publishers offer various book printing services to the authors. These services might allure you, but you should make sure that the services are rich in quality. For instance,
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the cover of the book plays an important role,
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so you must make sure that you have done it carefully with the help of cover designer. The POD company might not fix it if there are errors in the book, so it is your responsibility to handle the work carefully.

Before you invest time in Parajumpers Women POD, ask yourself whether the book would sell Before you pick the POD option to print a book, it is important to ask yourself if it would do good. Infect before writing a book, do ask yourself, whether the audience want to read it or not. An engaging theme and concept is important, then only you can expect its good business.

The marketing of the books, play an important role specially in the case of POD. You have to market and promote them well, to ensure that there is substantial audience for your book. For creating the interest of the readers towards your book, you would have to plan your promotional & marketing strategies accordingly.

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DECALS Printing – Effective Marketing Tool

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Keep the pace of your business coincide with the most updated creations and the most impactful innovations. The business environment is too dynamic to be predicted. Tastes, preferences and Parajumpers Gobi mindsets of consumers keep on flickering. People have stopped to pay heed to the classified advertisements as in newspapers or so due to the logic that such ads do not entertain or please them anymore. Their only expectation is to know the product fully and that too in a short yet crispy way.

Without any pointers Vinyl Stickers NYC are the perfect tools to comply with such expectations of the customers.It alerts the shopper. Parajumpers New Denali Women It amazes the shopper. It appeals the customer.

There are scores of brownie points linked to sticker printing and decal printing. The good reasons to adopt these creative and impressive methods are too many to count. With Decals Printing NYC and the sticker printing you can accomplish the most fundamental objective of the firm – the objective of low cost for production and promotion of the product. Yes! These Parajumpers Sale stickers and decals are quite easy on the pocket.

The stickers always are easy to stick Cheap Parajumpers on and equally easy to peel off. Windshields, windows, doors, poles, walls and where not- these stickers can be glued anywhere with great convenience. These are not only cheap but also can be eco-friendly if you yearn to. Vinyl Stickers NYC use recycled paper to print on and natural ink (extracted out of Veg Soy etc.) to print with.

Your offers for CONCESSION,
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your invitation for SALES, your announcement for NEW PRODUCT or your need for NEW EMPLOYEES! Get printed anything on these super exciting and eye – striking stickers!

DECALS Printing NYC is no way a step behind in this aggressive promotion technique. The decals are equally attention gripping material and have the same handiness as that of stickers. Fling away the boring plain unimpressive texts. Give them liveliness. Give them design – the design that will be impactful as Parajumpers Mens Gamble Special anything.

The plus points of these techniques are that that unlike the ads in newspapers they can be of any size, varied font, different font size and of varied colors. Make them water proof by coating them with thin – silky – smooth – shiny – transparent sheet.

These stickers and decals are too smart to invest in. Both of them are the great tools that will pump your product’s promotion. Think of any reason to say no to these. You will not find one! Be smart! Be creative! decals Printing NYC has all of it.


It is more IMPRESSIVE and EXPRESIVE than your imagination…

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Add a credit card payment solution to your merchant account for mobility and flexibility

There are a few important things that you need to accept credit cards. For all types of business, having a merchant account is a necessary first step to take before you begin taking credit card orders. Beyond that, it’s important that you work with a provider that you can trust with your credit card processing needs, and who charges you a low rate on each transaction, keeping more money in your pocket. There are various Parajumpers Adirondack Women credit card processing services out there, but very few combine low rates and quality service with state-of-the-art machines and quick customer support.

For a premier online business solution, the only choice is Total Merchant Service. Being a leading service provider, they specialize in providing merchant accounts that allow you to process credit cards, either in person or over the phone or internet. Not only do they allow credit card processing, but they also offer a Payment Jack service that allows you to accept credit cards from anywhere with a cell phone signal. Their technologically advanced solutions are backed up by leaders in the merchant account industry, including HSBC and Authorize.,
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and Global Payments.

Total Merchant Services provides a variety of outstanding small business merchant services. Not only will you be provided Parajumpers Italy with solutions Parajumpers Usa that cover retail, internet, mobile,
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and wireless, but you can link your transaction processing to Quickbooks Pro, letting you prepare your books more efficiently. Whether you own a brick and mortar business or a mobile service enterprise, you will be able to more efficiently take credit cards and keep your customers satisfied. Their mobile payment solutions are a great choice for any business that is on the move, including lawn care, carpet cleaning, driving services, and any other mobile service provider. Total Merchants Services has you covered every step of the way, with a free virtual terminal or credit card machine depending on your type of business.

With their modern focus on advanced credit card processing equipment, it’s no surprise that you also won’t have to pay a high fee on your transactions.Parajumpers Mens Crescent Leather Through their Parajumpers Womens Light Long Bearstreamlined process, you pay a lower rate than other processors. When you’re on the move, their Payment Jack software will let you take credit cards with only a mobile phone connection, maximizing mobility and flexibility and keeping your clients happy.

For total merchant services that just work, visit .

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mallorca beach

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<title>Mallorca Mobile Application Mallorca is an Island located in the Mediterranean Sea, in fact the largest of the Balearic Islands. A very popular holiday destination for all nationalities with an average temperature of 29-31 degrees in the summer months. Mallorca has around 200 beaches, Es Trenc,
Parajumpers Alisee 6 Woman Outerwear Black 3swy06
Sa Calobra and Cala Major are a few of our favourites, clear blue sea, soft sands Parajumpers Denali Woman and family friendly. There is plenty to see and do on the Island from Western Waterpark, Marineland, The Aquarium, Es Foguera, Pirates Adventure dinner and show, Katmandu, Go Karting, Paintballing, Wine tours and many,
Parajumpers Light Long Bear Woman Outerwear Marine 7k7k24
MANY more. The Capital of Mallorca is Palma where you will find plenty of museums, art galleries, fantastic restaurants Parajumpers Man Deer and hundreds of shops. Valdemossa, Deia, and Soller are towns worth visiting especially on market days. The more touristic and built up areas are Palmanova, Santa ponsa, Cala dor and Alcudia. We recommend trying some traditional Mallorcan food, ensaimada is a sweet spiral shaped bun which is usually served for breakfast with sweet fillings or even sobrasada, blood sauasage, which is one of the islands most famous exports. Frit Mallorqui is a very popular dish,
Parajumpers Schroeder Man Down Jacket White 2h688v
usually being cooked with peppers, Women’s Parajumpers Alaska potatoes and liver. Sopes Mallorquines is another popular dish with seasonal garden vegetables, meat, wild mushrooms. There are plenty of restaurants to visit in Mallorca but if you are looking for something traditional try Can Pedro in Genova, fantastic atmosphere and traditional Mallorcan food. A restaurant with a view, try Port Alt in Portals Nous village. Palma has some fantastic restaurants, if you are looking to try some Sushi at Sakana or Palma or Palmanova . Mallorca is also known for its Nightlife with Magaluf attracting young singles and couples in the summer months. There are hundreds of bars and clubs on Magaluf strip including BCM where famous DJ′s come to play including Greg James, Judge Jules and Tim Westwood. In 2010 Mallorca rocks hotel opened its doors, every Tuesday live music from bands like the Kooks, Parajumpers Mens Type -n-6e Keiser chiefs, Kassabian, Ed Shearen, and Paulo Nutini.

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Captain Zorro: The Secret Lab

The Earth is in danger again! The aliens and insidious evil robots have built a secret lab and want to create a bomb to crush the Earth into pieces. Only one man can destroy the lab and break the cunning plan of the invaders – it’s Captain Zorro. Hundreds of traps will not be able to stop a Parajumpers Men hero armed with deadly gun and a dazzling smile!
Men's Parajumpers Righthand Eco Jackets Bottle H034m4
In our new free online game “Captain Zorro: The Secret Lab” you are to help our brave hero in his mission to save the Earth!
Parajumpers Man High Fill Power Squirrel Jacket Blue 55u863

Captain Zorro is in the Secret Lab – abandoned space station with lots of dangerous aliens. Captain has to eliminate them all before they multiply. Legendary Captain Zorro needs your help! Help him to investigate the secret lab space and fulfill its mission. In this Flash puzzle and arcade game you have to solve some simple puzzles and kill all aliens before the door to the next level will be opened for you. Be careful, Captain Zorro is not invulnerable, he will get hurt and die if you touch dangerous things. He should come alive to the exit door through all levels. Skip the platforms and kill the enemies. Some surfaces self-destruct when you step Parajumpers Canada up,so be careful. Use arrow keys to move and left mouse button to shoot. There are 40 levels of fun in our online game. Every next level will be more difficult than the previous one. So, you’ll have to show all your skills to complete them all. If you do not know how to complete the level, you can reset and try to complete it again.

Graphically ‘Captain Zorro: The Secret Lab’ is reminiscent of the classic platform games. The characters are animated in 2 dimensions with simple drawings, funny and colorful, with a unique style that will never take away the smile off his. Sound aspect of this online Flash game is also made very Parajumpers Man Kodiak qualitatively. You’ll surely like the melodies that will accompany you throughout your way! So,
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if you like adventure and puzzles and are not afraid of dangerous aliens, do not waste time and start playing our new free online game right now!

This nice arcade game will not leave you indifferent due to its best genre traditions, breathtaking gameplay and nice soundtracks. So, why do not you start playing this wonderful flash online game now and see all its advantages on your own? Have fun with Captain Zorro!

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Get Reliable Tax Software Today and Make Your Life Parajumpers Women Solb Easier

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Tax software is a wonderful thing for everyone because we all have to prepare taxes every year and this software greatly simplifies the process of calculating and paying the taxes. This software will help you at each and every step of the process from computing your yearly income,
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determining the amount you need to pay as tax and Parajumpers Mens Eagle to file the online returns. In this way Tax Software guides you from start to finish and makes all the aspects of tax preparation extremely simple for you. There are many options available to choose from and that can make it difficult to decide on which software to get. However, choosing a taxes software is a very important decision and thus it should be taken very carefully. Good software will contain a large number of powerful and extremely useful features that will make the process even simpler.

Wisely chosen tax software will greatly reduce the work that you need to put in and it will do it without compromising on accuracy and efficiency. In most ways, making use of taxes software is much more reliable than doing the work manually. This is because manual calculations are not only time consuming but there is also a high probability Parajumpers Mens Type -n-6e of human error but when the software does the calculations they will always be accurate.

Taxes Software has another great advantage and that is that it can help you to identify all possible ways of saving on your taxes. It will help you in identifying and singling out all of the expenses that are eligible for tax deductions. So,
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in this way you will be able to get the maximum amount of deductions and that way you will be able to save a significant amount of your hard earned money. Numerous people have been using this software and are extremely happy and satisfied with it. So,
Parajumpers Light Long Bear Woman Outerwear Brown 0y4b40
if you too are a tax payer, you should get reliable tax software today and make your life much easier. Making use of an internet search engine can help you in getting the kind of software you require.

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Living the high life… amidst nature!

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GA Design compliments the panoramic locales of Lonavla with a gradient villa project that commandingly juxtaposes nuances of traditional Indian elements with contemporary architecture…

The typology of a luxurious second home has undergone several changes to include A-class amenities in a bid to fulfill the growing aspirations of the consumer. With Women’s Parajumpers Pjs Light Long Bear several scenic locales around Mumbai, gated communities and villa projects tend to serve as plush, ideal solutions.

Located centrally in the panoramic Sahyadri ranges of Lonavla, about a 100 km from Mumbai, is Regency Willows – one such residential villa project designed by GA Design – the Mumbai-based architectural firm headed by Rajan and Sachin Goregaoker.

Sprawled across a rectangular plot of over six acres, the project houses 23 villas in three typologies: four and five bedrooms with swimming pool, gymnasium and other amenities; and four bedrooms without the added frills.

An equally picturesque central Parajumpers Womens Linda Leather ring road with large landscaped gardens, water bodies, a swimming pool and a large club house connects the villas; each on its distinct plot with its individual front and back yards.

The strategically positioned Parajumpers Mens Deer club house provides for a variety of leisure activities like pool tables,
Parajumpers Denali Woman Down Jacket Navy N6ma36
gymnasium, cafe and also a multipurpose hall for group activities – fostering community living.

Architecturally modern, the villas are all basement-plus-two-or-three floor edifices with adequate provision for the driver and servants. A uniform glass, natural and cultured stone, and shera wood application lends a strong visual aesthetic to each structure as the villas appear on a gradient, owing to the natural contours of the hilly terrain. Traditionally nuanced pergolas top the terrace areas of each villa, lending uniformity to the skyline; Parajumpers Mens Type -n-6e whilst the fa?ade receives its distinct identity.

The clubhouse stationed as the focal point of the complex, homogenously integrates into the landscape, complimenting the overall vocabulary of rustic and natural materials vs. contemporary glass. The well balanced material palette creates a dynamic and relaxed environment blending in traditionally nuanced contemporary design thought.

Click here to view the images on indiaartndesign